1519 E. Door Bluff Road
Ellison Bay, WI 54210
Phone: 920.854.2106

Silver Poplar Studios is the home and business of Jim and Carole Maronek of Ellison Bay, Wisconsin, consisting of a collection of antique buildings set in fifteen acres of woods and meadows, unified by an Old Russian theme (Carole’s parents emigrated from Byelorussia). One feature is their barn, built in 1998 and registered as “Ellison Wonderland LLC,” itself a collection of reclaimed barns and salvaged materials.

Main Garden
Photo: Alica Landman

There are two rental cottages in the Russian village style. Please visit the Cottage Rentals Page.

Our gallery of Jim’s art is also featured in SNAPSHOTS along with a page devoted to Jim’s “folly,” The Gate, an entrance to the woods which challenges logic.

The Gallery

Surrounding everything are the extensive gardens, both floral and vegetable, which Carole has nurtured into exuberant, award-winning displays, framed by wild flowers, and towering Silver Poplar and Evergreen trees. Please see “Gardens” in SNAPSHOTS

The original log portion of the main house at Silver Poplar Studios (the “dacha,” or summer home), was one of the first buildings in northern Door County. It served as a logging office in the 1850’s. When the property was logged-out, it became a farm which, due to its bumper crop of stones, was ultimately abandoned. The property was acquired by a family of musicians from Milwaukee, and the derelict out-buildings were reclaimed to make an artists’ retreat for their friends in the 1930’s. One log barn became an art studio; and the granary and the horse barn became cottages. 

Over the years, concert pieces and ballets have been composed in the cottages; music lessons have been given; concerts have been performed; books and plays have been written; shows have been presented; and paintings have been produced.