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Welcome to Silver Poplar Studios, LLC
1519 E. Door Bluff Road
Ellison Bay, WI 54210
Phone: 920.854.2106
Fax: 920.854.7160

"Spectacular, beautiful, cozy, unique." - L.V., Highland Park, IL

"Your new cabin is staggeringly beautiful... the details astounding... a true sensory assault in the best possible way." - M.B., Chiago, IL

"I am still speechless since my experience at your place... the barn, the gardens... a show place. A memorable place." - F.L., Escazu, Costa Rica

"What a special place you've created." - C.R., The Peninsula Players

"The artistic touches that abound in the gardens are quite something and all in all it's quite a showplace." - D.D., Wilton, CT

"We were in awe of the magnificent surroundings." - T.R., Chicago

"It is a serendipitous place." - J.A., American Folklore Theatre

"Sharing your inspired surroundings with us was a delight." - B.B., Peninsula Art School

"This is an artist's paradise - it is beautiful." - P.Y., Stillwater, MN

"Thank you so much for this experience. I'm just 17 and I'll remember it my whole life." - C.S., Artist

"It feels so fairytale like." - S.Y., Astoria, NY

"The joy of seeing your creativity in such harmony among nature was just an indescribable experience." - C.P., Honolulu, Hawaii

"Wow! What a wonderful time. Thank you both for all of your hard work to help make our wedding a success. Your property looked beautiful and everyone had a great time." - M.D., Barrington, IL

"Heaven on earth." - J.S., Goleta, CA

"I loved Silver Poplar. It was great. Lovely, comfortable and a pleasure." - J.B.

"You guys live in a work of art." - C.K., Marion, WI

"You have a lovely setting. Your passion for the care of your land is admirable." - A.W., Portland, OR

"It was my first experience to stay in an old country house and I loved it." - A.O., Sapporo, Japan

"Your world is magical." - C.H., Taipei, Taiwan

"Absolutely wonderful... literally floating on air." - O.N., Minsk, Belarus

"This lovely Eden... it's been so nice to be here." - L.W., Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for sharing your Nirvana with us." - B.V., West New York, NJ

"Silver Poplar Studios is a dream." - M.B., Chicago, IL

"It was like a scene out of Chekov." - C.F., Ephriam, WI

"It's one very special complex of beautiful buildings and gardens. The barn is a working stage set of extraordinary design and possibilities." - N.B., Ellison Bay, WI

"The magazines were right. This is a magical place." - B.S., Vernon Hills, IL

"Your slice of heaven [is] truly inspirational." - D.R., DePere, WI

"You have created a heaven on earth - thank you!"
- A.J., Chicago, IL

"What a beautiful wedding weekend! Your gardens, cottages and barn were spectacular! It was wonderful!!" - S.M., Crystal Lake, IL

"This time around I found myself off the beaten path by staying in the woods at the north end of the peninsula. Hosts Jim and Carole Maronek have built a fantasy cottage of rustic memorabilia and authentic Russian artifacts and dubbed it the Firebird Guest House. It was a lovely place to retreat from the noise of the city and still the rushing of my mind." - B.C., WNUA Radio, Chicago

"Thank you for a wonderful stay and for your hospitality! We will recommend Silver Poplar Studios highly to everyone. We loved it!" - E.F., Brooklyn

"I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it." - W.S., Stratford-upon-Avon

"This place ain't that bad." - K.W., Eau Claire, WI

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