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Cottage Rentals
Welcome to Silver Poplar Studios, LLC
1519 E. Door Bluff Road
Ellison Bay, WI 54210
Phone: 920.854.2106
Fax: 920.854.7160

Silver Poplar Studios was established as an artists' retreat in the 1940's. Prior to that, it was a logging camp (the log portion of the main house was one of Northern Door County's first buildings, dating from the 1850's). Then it was a farm and a cherry orchard.

Now, with two cottages converted and adapted from century-old farm buildings, the heritage of hosting artists and friends of the arts, is being maintained. The owners' interest in Old Russian culture is reflected in the architectural and decorative details.

The Firebird Cottage…

is a Russian fairytale come to life. Based on a fanciful interpretation of old Slavic architecture, it is composed of salvaged ancient barn beams and thick, rustic slabs cut from old pine logs. Its soaring living room admits views of the park-like setting through seven French doors and windows.

The bedroom, uniquely decorated with silhouettes of a Russian village, has two single beds. The sleeping loft has three single beds. There are two full baths, including a splendid antique, claw-foot, soaking tub. There is a fully equipped, modern kitchen. Alongside the building is a patio and ornate gazebo built around the romantic stone ruins of a former farm building. With its outdoor fireplace (for chilly evenings and marshmallows), the patio is the place for parties. A BBQ is also furnished.

A collage of barnwood and wooden fragments fills one wall of the living room. Vintage Russian posters and art decorate the remaining walls. The cottage is heated and air-conditioned for all-season use, and a gas fireplace adds a cozy center of interest. Local TV, radio, CD and DVD are available.

The Granary, which did once store grain,

is now a simple cottage with an upstairs bedroom containing two double beds. It is reached by steep stairs painted in motifs of Russian folk art. The downstairs sitting room has a single bed and a futon. There is a screened porch with views of the meadows and gardens. The bathroom has a shower stall. There is a compact refrigerator and small appliances suitable for light meals, and a BBQ. The cottage is painted and decorated, inside and out, in Russian motifs including unique "trompe l'oeil" details.

The Estate
There is a unique barn, "Ellison Wonderland," containing the Art Gallery and the home of occasional trunk shows and special events.

There are fourteen acres of woods and meadows to enjoy. Garrett Bay and the Door Bluff Headlands County Park are within walking distance. "Downtown" Ellison Bay is less than three miles away.

There is no smoking in the buildings and pets are not permitted. In keeping with a sensible Door County cottage tradition,
guests are expected to furnish their own personal towels, pillow cases and bed sheets. Blankets and pillows are provided. Each cottage is furnished with a telephone, to be plugged in at the outdoor phone bench, for outgoing calls and emergencies. There is a barbeque available. Plenty of literature, maps, stories, opinions and exaggerations about the area are yours for the asking. We hope that your experience will live up to Door County's reputation as paradise.

Guests who are sympathetic to the rustic, quiet, artistic quality of the area are always welcome.

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